Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024 up krishi yantra subsidy

Friends, here is a good news Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024 up krishi yantra subsidy  for all the farmer brothers, this subsidy scheme has been started by the Uttar Pradesh Government. A lot of comments were coming from you guys that sir, when will the subsidy available on agricultural equipment start? Well, finally it has started here, today we will talk in detail about what is the whole process from the beginning to the end, I am going to tell you step by step in a very easy way, got the agricultural machinery through my channel, got the solar pump. Yes, I will talk about it in detail today, like about your tractor also.

Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024 up krishi yantra subsidy

Cultivator is also included, pipes are also included, all the machines are included in it, there are about 5060 machines, now I will show you the complete list, how much will you have to pay on this, how much will the government give, for example, let us assume that if you want to buy a tractor, then there is a market in tractors. Suppose its market rate is ₹ lakh, if you buy it like this then you will have to pay only 7 lakhs, but if you come under this subsidy scheme, then you will have to pay only half i.e. 55 lakhs. Here the government is going to give you subsidy of 35 lakhs, so this is How many instruments are there? I will show you the complete steps in detail.
I will tell you step by step what is there for the farmer brothers who had registered last time and there is a good chance for them, but if you have not done it yet, then now is the time, you have to get it done, so let me take you to its official website and notification to know what – What processes will you have to go through and will you be able to apply comfortably and if your name appears then you will be given subsidy from the government. So let’s start, friends, as you can see agricultural mechanization. Agricultural equipment has been included in all the schemes of your agriculture protection equipment has become custom.
Hiring Center has become Hi-Tech Hub for Custom Hiring, Threshing Floor has become and Uttar Pradesh Government is giving a golden opportunity to get grant on small warehouse. Here below we will talk first about the details of how many agricultural machines are included in it, then friends. Let me tell you step by step, what documents will you need, how to apply the form, I am going to tell you the whole process, do not skip the video, otherwise you will not understand. Let us first see what the equipment is, then see the laser. Land Laborer OK Post Hole Digger Potato
  1. Planter Potato Digger Sugar Cane Cutter Planter Sugar Cane Thresh Cutter Sugar Cane Rate Manager
  2. Haro Hoo Cultivator Hoo Power Prayer Hoo Multi Craft Thresher Hoo Power Chaff Cutter Hoo Xtra
  3. Reaper Brush Cutter Hoo Mini Rice Mill Hoo Milli Mini Dal Mill is done, Millet Mill is done, Solar Dryer is
  4. done, Yours is ok, Oil Mill with Filter Press is done, Packing Machine is done, Rotavator is done and
  5. Tractor is done. Let me zoom in on the tractor and show it. This time I have also included a tractor in it.
  6. As you can see here, ok then see it is mounted.
Sprayer has become Briquette Making Machine, Urea Deep Placement Applicator has become Self Propelled Machine, Power Tiller has become Power Weeder, Combined Harvester with Super SMS has become Rice Trans Planter, Custom Hiring Center has become Hi-Tech Hub for Custom Hiring. After that we are looking forward to it, Zero till is done, Multi craft planter is done, Table seller is done, Hopi seeder is done, Ripper cum binder is done, HDPE pipe is done, okay this is done, your PVC pipe is done, HDPE is done, Laminated oven is done, Flat tube is wrapped. The pipe water in which you went
We have wrapped it, that pipe is fine, after that see, it has become a community threshing floor, a small warehouse etc., these are so many agricultural machines on which you are going to get full subsidy at Rs. 50. Now see, when will the booking start with you now? There is enough time, there is no problem, you have to do all the preparation first, see the booking which will be from 12:00 noon on 311202 to 12:00 midnight on 14/12 2023 i.e. friends, yours is from 30th November at noon to 14th December at 12:00 midnight. Here you can see the departmental darshan portal agriculture.up.nic
There will be an option if the mobile number available on the portal is closed then the option will be given to complete the further process by receiving OTP on the new mobile number of the beneficiary. This is for those farmers who have already registered and those farmers who have not done any registration yet. For them too, I will tell you the process. Okay, after that, the applicant can apply through his mobile number or the mobile number of his family members, parents, siblings, son, daughter and daughter-in-law. This will be confirmed at the time of verification, i.e. You add only your family’s mobile number. Ok let’s go down.
We will talk here, you are able to see that a maximum grant of Rs. 50 will be given to you on all types of agricultural equipment, talk further, see here, Farmers are registered Farmer Cooperative Society Self Help Group for agricultural equipment under the scheme which is State Rural AJK Mission and Agriculture. Gram Panchayat and APO related to the department will be the beneficiaries, that is, all types of people will be the beneficiaries on this, there is no problem, see here at the time of application, the farmer will have to deposit the equipment and prescribed security amount online at the time of application itself, there should not be any remaining target. On staying and not getting selected in e-lottery
The security amount will be returned to the concerned farmers, that is, friends, a small security amount will be deposited here, it will be around Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 5000, so when you register, you will have to deposit it if your name is not in the e-lottery. If your security deposit amount is not received or you do not get any item for which you are applying, then the government will return it to you. Okay, then here you can see the security amount for agricultural machinery for grant ranging from Rs. 100001 to Rs. 1 lakh, such as I told you that if you want to buy the instrument here then it will cost as per your requirement.
If your device is worth between Rs 10000 to Rs 1 lakh, then you will have to deposit the security amount first. Secondly, if your device is more than Rs 1 lakh, then for that, friends, the security amount of yours will be Rs 5000. Will have to submit, cleared, interested candidates will come down. In case of receiving more applications than the target on the departmental portal within the stipulated time period, the District Level Work Executive Committee will be formed under the chairmanship of the District Officer. Okay, friends, here is a place for drawing your e-lottery. A committee should be formed for e-lottery
Through this medium, recruitment will be done in relation to block wise targets and when your lottery will be drawn, information will be given to all the beneficiaries. Information about the venue, date and time of e-lottery will be distributed among the applicants by the concerned Deputy Agriculture Director in local newspapers and other It will be given compulsorily through the medium i.e. when your lottery comes out for which you are locked then you can stay there absolutely then you can see here the target in addition to the number of candidates to be selected as per the target of the e-lottery system. 50% of
A sequential waiting list will also be prepared i.e. suppose you have 100 seats here, then 100 will be selected here, apart from that, 50 more people will also be kept in the waiting list here. Suppose none of them takes the ticket. Those who are in the waiting list will be given this here, we will talk further. Here you are able to see that farmers group for threshing floor and individual farmers for small warehouse will be the beneficiaries. Okay, see here you as an individual will also be the beneficiary. Agricultural equipment purchase tax from the date of confirmation of selection booking token.
A maximum of 30 days will be given to upload the photo and serial number of the equipment and related records on the departmental portal and a maximum of 45 days will be given to the Custom Hiring Center Hitech Hub Power Customer Hearing i.e. if your name appears in the lottery, you will be selected. What you have to do here is the selection of the beneficiary, after the booking and token is confirmed, the agricultural equipment you have to purchase and from where to purchase it. I will also tell you that you should not purchase it just like that. Otherwise you will not get subsidy here friends, don’t make the mistake.
Now see, you will have the freedom to purchase from any of the agricultural equipment manufacturers listed in the department. Look directly at these companies. They have directly told that here in the department, friends, the list of agricultural equipment manufacturers is given, that is, you can choose from those companies. You can buy from any company, you will have complete freedom, but you will have to buy from only those companies which are in the list. See here which website is the UPP y tracking of these companies.
Your purchase will be accepted from only those companies listed on the website. If you buy from other companies, you will also be rejected. In case you do not purchase the device within the stipulated time period, the application will be automatically canceled and the next applicant in the waiting list will automatically be selected. You will be selected i.e. if your time is over and you are not purchasing the device, then only when you purchase the device, you will get the subsidy. If you do not purchase on time, then your form will automatically be considered as canceled. Custom Hearing Sector UP of Farmer Producer Organization APO for establishment of Hi-Tech Hub Power Custom Hiring
This is for the organization, it is okay, like there are big organizations, they want to buy big machines, this is for those related to business, it is okay, see, for the purchase of agricultural equipment, the firms should pay at least 50% of the price from the beneficiary’s own account. The action for payment of grant will be taken only after the same is done, as I told that you will give at Rs. 50 and the government will give at Rs. 50, that is, you will give half the money, the government will give the other half. Okay, after that, look at the farmers who are beneficiaries who are not literate, who get the cheque. The book cannot be issued to those family members, parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and
At least 50 per cent of the cost can be paid to the firms for the purchase of agricultural equipment from the widow’s account, that is, if you do not have the cheque, etc., then you can also pay the amount to someone else’s family. Whatever is yours is also from their account, you can give 50 rupees which is yours, it is cleared, the process is done, now see, first of all, if any farmer brother has come for the first time, then where should he start, he should understand. You are not able to understand, that is why I said that you will watch the complete video, let me tell you quickly where you have to start, okay let me tell you that
What documents will be required? Those who have land in their name, whoever is a farmer should have land in his name. You have to get the land papers issued. Whatever is your Khatauni is fine and whatever documents are made related to your land, you should get them issued from the accountant. After that, your Aadhar card is fine. Apart from that, your bank passbook is fine and a photograph is fine. Ration card is fine if you have it. Ration card is fine. It does have a ledger account. If you have it, it is fine. The ledger account is of lands. These are your documents, where do you go with those documents?
If you want to go, then understand carefully. To get the benefit of grant in the above scheme, farmer brother, first of all it is necessary for you to be registered as a farmer oblique beneficiary in the Agriculture Department. Those beneficiaries who are not registered can contact the Government Agricultural Seed Store in-charge of their development block or the District Magistrate for registration. Contact the office of the Deputy Director of Agriculture. This means what do you have to do first of all, now that you have enough time, what should you do first of all: farmer registration, where will your farmer registration be, see here once more, let me tell you the blocks of yours.
You see, there is a Government Agricultural Seed Store, you meet the in-charge there or you contact the office of the Deputy Agriculture Director of the district, then first of all you get farmer registration done. After your farmer registration is done, your further work will start. After that, see what. Farmer brothers have to buy any one or more of the above mentioned agricultural equipment as per their requirement under the Departmental Transparent Farmers Service Scheme.
UP Agriculture Co., If there is agricultural equipment on grant, then do your booking by clicking on booking, that is, only the one who is already registered will do the booking. Let me take you to the website and show it to you, friends, this is the official website of UP Agriculture. Okay Haz. What we have to do is to click on the search option, here you are able to see Agriculture Department, Uttar Pradesh Government, on this website, what we have to do is to click, like friends, we will click on this, which is its official website. Farmer’s rights will be opened in front of us as you can see.
Now look here at the farmer’s door, see what is yours, see here on date 91202, to get subsidy on booking of all agricultural equipment and agricultural defense equipment with subsidy up to Rs 10,000, these are being talked about which are up to Rs 10,000, but what we are talking about It is for those above Rs 10000, it will start from 30th, see friends, it is already started, now see how you have to generate the token, you have to come here, generate token for booking agricultural equipment, agricultural drone, solar pump on grant, okay. Mention has been made here directly, you have to click on it like friends, this
You will click on the next page of its website, it will open in front of us. Right now, friends, its server is down, it is fine, that means friends, those who wanted below 10000, it starts, but those who wanted above 10000, brother, tractor etc. Will it cost above Rs 10,000? If you want to buy pipes etc. then it will cost above Rs 10,000 only. Your cultivator, that is, all the good equipment, is starting from 30th November. Booking will start from 30th November. Before that, whatever farmer brother wants. Those farmers who are not registered should go and get their registration done first, see the website here.
Yours has been opened, now you can see here that it is for solar pump, so when the solar pump will start, we will give you that information also friends. Currently the website for solar pump is not running, right now only agricultural equipment is available. You have to meet, okay, we will come down here, you see carefully, more than 10000 cleared, click here only for booking of agricultural equipment under In Situ Scheme, okay, you see directly here, more than 10000 have been cleared, you have to come down here, you see. Getting Krishi Drone Token for Krishi Drone Booking Krishi Drone Bill Upload This is your bill friends this is the old one
Which was for those below Rs 10000, okay, you have to come down, here you can see all the agricultural equipment subsidized up to Rs 10000, that is, whatever is under Rs 10000 can be seen here, after that you will move downwards, here you can see. You are getting the details of the equipment booked under the Agricultural Machinery Scheme. Here you can see the details of the equipment you have booked. If you click on it then you will wait for a while. See what you will do here, enter your registration and search. So you will see the status of booking, it is cleared and I will tell you a little.
Let me show you and let’s say once we click on this, see there is agricultural drone booking, so if you want a drone, then what you will do here, you will click here, like you will click here, you are able to see, the next page will open. Look here, enter your mobile number. It is mentioned directly. For booking agricultural drone, the mobile number should be entered only of the concerned registered applicant. There is no need to enter any other mobile number here. It will be entered here when you get the farmer registered. So your mobile number will be entered there, enter the same mobile number and OTP here.

Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024 up krishi yantra subsidy
Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2024 up krishi yantra subsidy
You will click on send, OTP will go to you, you will enter it and from here you will start your form. Okay, then what you have to do here is to generate the token. Okay, then here you will purchase the device. So its bill is here, what you have to do is to upload it. See, it is an agricultural drone, if you want to upload the bill, then click, that is, whatever you purchase, assuming you have bought a tractor, you will upload its receipt here. It is clear that you understand. You have gone through the whole thing, this is the whole process, now see the process of people above Rs 10000.
Yes, it has not started, you people start from scratch, I have shown you that yours will start from 30th November, okay friends, this is its official website through which you have to do the entire work, so in this way I have given you this in detail. It has been told and see here, all your booking etc. is being told, right? So, it started from 9th for those below Rs 10000 and for all the agricultural equipment above Rs 10000, it started from 30th. No problem, now you have enough time, you can apply for it even then

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