PAN card ko surrender kaise karen Ghar Baithe new process 2024

PAN card ko surrender kaise karen Ghar Baithe new process 2024

how to surrender PAN card. See, PAN card ko surrender kaise karen Ghar Baithe new process 2024 many people have two PAN cards, but you should know that a penalty of up to ₹ 10,000 can be imposed on you. If you have not surrendered your PAN card, then in today’s video I am going to tell you about those whose Aadhar card is linked and whose Aadhar card is not linked, how to basically send a letter to your AO officer, how to make an affidavit etc. What is the process online and what happens offline? You will get to know all these things in this video.
Even before this, I had made a video, there are two ways to surrender, one is online and one is offline, but see, the online process is no longer relevant here, I would like to tell you practically because now what is Your PAN card is also linked with the Aadhar card, so what is the process first? I have given complete information in this video. First, what do we do? People simply put a request for PAN card correction here. Through the NSDL portal, what was the gas there?

How to surrender PAN card at home, new process 2024

After filling the entire application, you would get a column above 11 numbers mentioning Permanent Account Number in this adventure. This means that if you have been issued a PAN number unknowingly, then you can mention it here for surrender, but See, PAN Card ko Surrender kaise karen New Process 2024 whatever process used to be done online like this has now been stopped here, now your PAN card is not surrendered and gas, this thing works only for a few people here and when I saw this video So here you can see that the comment section is full of these things, this year I
How to surrender PAN card at home, new process 
Despite doing the entire process here, my PAN card has not been surrendered and even after deducting the fees here, I have the option to please contact your officer i.e. the response from NSDL is this. This is the message that please contact your officer, then when I gave practical on top of this, a few cases of theirs and three-four of ours were given to them. When we did practical here, you can see that this is the official letter from the Income Tax Department. We went there and we understood the whole process, so today I am telling you the whole process.
How to surrender PAN card at home, new process 2024
The next method which I am going to tell in the video is the second method and it reduces the gas practically everywhere all over India. That is send application letter then your an officer with the attachment so see come officer what? Basically, you have an Assessing Officer, now every PAN card has a different Assessing Officer, its department is different, its ward number is different, now how will you know, for this you simply have to go to the Income Tax website, follow this link. I will give you in the description box here you can see no your come
There is an office, you have to simply click on it, now Gas, whichever PAN card you want to surrender, whatever existing PAN card you have, you have to enter that number and enter a mobile number. If you enter the details like Gas here, then pay here. You get your text page which is your ward number inside the reaction, plus you get your address here which is the address of the Income Tax Department. What do you have to do with this? Now you have two options, if the department is your mother. If you are very far from the location then you can send this request through speed post.
PAN card ko surrender kaise karen Ghar Baithe new process 2024
PAN card ko surrender kaise karen Ghar Baithe new process 2024


  1. Letter and I am going to tell you what is Fed and Bond, you can send the letters simply you will have to
  2. submit the letter to the Income Tax Department where you need to know, just go to the Income Tax
  3. Department, this is the benefit you get when you submit the letter. Look at this type of this type, you can
  4. see that this type is stamped in front of the screen, that is, simply an accretion is found here and
  5. similarly, you can also give a second letter here, which is of this type. If the atmosphere is engaged then
  6. ultimately this accretion happens, but if you speed
If you send it through post, then your only tracking code will be considered as an accretion number. Basically what you have to send here is that you will have to create a simple application and its basic format etc. will be given to you in the description box in its link. I will give you basically two parts in this, inside one part you will have your complete application, inside which everything will be mentioned like which PAN card is yours, which one you have to deactivate, which one you have to keep activated, what regions etc. can be there for PAN here. to the card
Why duplicate means PAN card is here, second PAN card is generated here and all these things are mentioned inside it, then you will get gas second page which is of Bone, it is an affidavit type in which declaration is mentioned that you There is no liability etc. pending on the PAN card which you are going to surrender, there is no demand, there is no processing, there is no idea till now of withdrawing your PAN card etc. in any bank or any demat account anywhere. If that PAN card is not given to him then these three-four things are required like declaration etc.
And you have to get it printed on the stamp paper and along with it you will have your original PAN card which you want to surrender plus copy of D PAN card which you want to keep active, copy of D Aadhar card and Along with that, these bonds and this request letter,PAN Card ko Surrender kaise karen New Process 2024  you have to submit all these to the officer in a simple way and like gas, come here, basically submit it from the office, then if you go to the physical, then this type I will put the stamp on a page and provide you a copy of the same back if you
If you send through speed post, then simply your tracking code will be considered as a number in itself. Talking about some problems here, how much time can be taken here, then see it will totally depend on your education because this is completely offline process. There is no online process etc. along with gas. If anyone’s Aadhar card is not linked here, then what can they do? Let’s suggest that if you are trying to get the PAN card done, your Aadhar card is not linked with it. So this is a very good thing, you simply
Whatever is your PAN card which you want to keep active, you can simply link your Aadhar card with PAN card by paying a fee of ₹ 1000 and on this we have made a separate video. The only thing to be kept in mind is that please make sure that your PAN card, your Aadhaar card, your full name, your complete date of birth, both of them should match here, only then both of them are with each other. You will be able to link it from anywhere if I talk to you, if let’s assume, if your Aadhaar card is already linked, the PAN card also.
You sir are getting it done, mother, you had generated an instant PAN card from the Income Tax website, by default your PAN card has been linked with the Aadhar card, so what will you have to do when you request? You will also have to mention this to the officer giving the letter that after surrender, please deal with this PAN card of my Aadhaar card so that I can keep it active with my original PAN card. I can simply link it here, only then you will be able to keep what is there active.

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