HOW TO CHECK DHAN KHARIDI PAYMENT ONLINE 2024 Hello friends, welcome back to a new finance friends, today I am going to talk about how you can check online the money of the paddy sold at your paddy procurement center whether it has come to your account or not. After so many days it will come, after how many days it won’t come, I will tell you all the information in today’s video and check the life proof and show it to me. Let’s start Chillipili. If you like our Veeru, then like the video. If it is not in the channel, then subscribe to the channel. Subscribe first on your mobile or in any office.

Paddy procurement year 2024 Online Check Payment How to buy

After this you have to search, like if you enter Jeet Payment and search, then it will search a little, after this you can see this first website coming in front of people, you could see Jeet Payment here, you can see this website in the opener like this time. Open the website and it is written here, Welcome to Jeet Portal. It is written here that only through the portal,HOW TO CHECK DHAN KHARIDI PAYMENT ONLINE 2024 
payment related to the purchase of wheat, paddy, jowar, gram, lentil and mustard was made online, from where you can check the status of your payment in your bank account in two ways. You can check the status of payment through or not through bank account.
  • If you see, you could have checked your money in your account through the Kisan Court. If
  • you pay through the court, then click here and it will appear that you do not have to do it
  • now, let it be for 2021-22, you all are here only. Let it be, after that put your farmer ID
  • here. Whatever farmer card you want to search, put your farmer ID here, otherwise let me
  • put my farmer ID here, just like Aana ji put it here. But what is visible is saying that even
  • this should be failed. So, I am silently visible here in this.

I will make you feel that after paying the tax, you click on the opportunity of making payment, like you click on the option of making payment, do a little search and come down, you can see some kind of information appearing in front of you, HOW TO CHECK DHAN KHARIDI PAYMENT ONLINE 2024  farmers. The code is their name and has been approved. The food is visible here, you can also see the bank IFSC code is also visible. Here I will add height to a lot of information, something like this, so you can see something like this, of payment. The status has not been sent to the bank level on digital signature of the PIO. No money has been given to the farmer yet.


how to check epo – how to check paddy

Like the digital sign of the farmer has come, which is the digital sign of whether it has been sent to the bank level or not and here as the bank sends you the money to your account, then here you will get written that successfully something like this If the money has arrived then it will appear that the payment has been made successfully but here your money will come to your account but the money cannot come to your account. You can check online after how many days your money will arrive. He will not come after a day, where is the bank going to the hospital or else?

How to check the money for paddy sold at the procurement center

If something is going on in the digital sign, you can check it like this. I hope you liked the video. If you liked the video, please like this video and surprise the channel.

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